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If all the bloggers in the world were killed, would anyone notice?
(probably not)
Sugar never sounded so good... 
29th-Jun-2006 01:01 pm
nothing on the television again
To be honest, I'm at a slight loss as to why I continually recommend new or obscure bands on this journal. For one thing, none of my predictions come to anything. I can rave until I'm puce in the face about Misty's Big Adventure, and even though they should (by rights) be pouring out top ten albums, the world just doesn't work like that these days. Grandmaster Gareth just isn't pretty enough, doesn't have salon styled hair, and is capable of composing songs made out of more than three chords and some ripped off disjointed post-punk rhythms. Such imaginative thinking and outsider-ish behaviour will never impress the masses.

Even Art Brut, who I will continue to defend until I'm bored, have yet to score a Top 40 hit despite being backed by the NME, XFM, et al.

Still though, I really think you lot should follow the link to this bunch of treasures:


There's nothing original about The Sugars, of course, and you could argue that where others turn to post-punk for their rip-off fix, they turn to the sixties garage sound. However, there's a ripping, treble heavy energy to their sound, a brilliant low budget white noise, which is downright thrilling. Take one listen to the track "TV" and hear for yourself. There's a brilliant bluesy primal howl about a lot of the material, but at the same time it's infectuous and sends my feet into all sorts of reflexive twitches.

And if we do have to get hung up on image, take a look at them too. The video that accompanies their MySpace website points to a band who look thirty times more fantastic than those dreary Kooks-a-likes who dominate student walls everywhere. If I had a band and they looked like this, all quiffs, vintage clothes and pale foundation, I'd feel that nothing could possibly go wrong.

Bands aside, I'm going away for a bit to get some rural quiet as of tomorrow, so I'll be unobtainable for a bit. People who are curious as to how my interview went should contact me directly rather than through Livejournal, since I'm reticent to discuss these things on public blog entries.

Catch you soon.

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