January 11th, 2014


Enjoy The Silence

As you'll probably have noticed, I very rarely ever post on LJ anymore.  It's a handy place for me to post private or restricted entries, so I do occasionally drop by here to vent or air thoughts I wouldn't want absolutely everyone to know about.  I also still read the blogs of everyone on my friends list, whether I comment regularly or not.  I haven't totally abandoned this place.

However, I have two other blogs on the go - Left and To The Back focussing on buried and lesser-heard music, and the Poetry blog where most of my other thoughts (thoughts which would previously have been placed on here) now end up.  Keeping a third mix-and-match one updated regularly just seems a bit silly.

Feel free to follow either of those two, because I'd still welcome your comments.  Blogspot does have an RSS feed function for Livejournal, so you should theoretically be able to add them as preferred blogs to your Friends list.