23doves (23doves) wrote,

Further proof that London is turning into LA

There's a guy who begs near my local train station, and seemingly has done for the last few years now.  I've always liked him for no other reason than that he doesn't draw attention to himself, he just sits and waits to be given money and is generally a pleasant chap.  Today he caught me walking along with a crate of records and said: "You... are you a DJ, man?"

I told him that I did do that sometimes. I told him that it was mostly very old school soul and sixties tracks, though, but that didn't deter him.

"I... I grew up on that shit!  I do Garage and Drum and Bass stuff!  I could MC over your set!  Here, do you wanna take my number?  I can give you a demo tape!"

I gently agreed to do something like that when I next saw him, but privately couldn't image how anyone MC'ing over "Out on the Floor" would work, or what help I - a man in his late thirties - was going to be in getting him attention as an urban artist.  It was like a complete reverse of that "League of Gentleman" sketch where Les McQueen is trying to push a demo tape on the Drum and Bass kid.  "Go on! Take it! What harm can it do?"

I do know a couple of promoters I could give a demo to, and I could explain the poor chap's situation, but if it's not very good I really don't know what I'm supposed to say the next time I see him.  And if I start pushing garage artists on people, I think they'll naturally assume I'm having some kind of mid-life crisis or breakdown. 

In short - this has all the hallmarks of yet another "Curb Your Enthusiasm" situation in my life.  
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