23doves (23doves) wrote,

The Castle

The staff at the Apple Store on Regent Street are great, but their customer service system is like a Kafkaesque nightmare. Let me explain...

1. You want to get something repaired, so you report to the information desk on the ground floor. They send you upstairs to another desk.
2. At the desk, they tell you that you need to book an appointment on their computer system first. You do this on one of their Macs, based on a small table behind you. Logically enough, you decide to make your appointment for five minutes time.
3. Back at the desk again, you're then told that you aren't in the right place for your problem. You are sent to see "the man with a beard by the glass lift".
4. There is a long queue to see the man with the beard. At the front of it, he tells you to go and wait for another member of staff by another desk.
5. This you do. Eventually somebody materialises, tells you they don't have the right parts, and asks you to come back later in the week when they'll have them in stock.
6. 45 minutes later, you feel relieved at the low cost of the repairs, but somewhat robbed of time. I bloody well ask you!
7. And why were you trying to obtain repairs in the Apple store in the first place? Because your iPod is welded shut so only they can replace the fucking rechargeable battery.

Say what you want about the genius of Apple, but even Argos and the DSS have simpler procedures in place than that.
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